Janitorial Cleaning Business Buying Tips For Buying Janitorial Businesses

The English have a saying: “Where there’s muck, there’s money,” which can certainly be true for companies providing janitorial cleaning business services for commercial and/or residential clients. But before buying a janitorial business service for sale that seems profitable, it’s good to look into six aspects of the offering to make sure the business is sound.1. Value is not in capital equipment. A seller emphasizing the amount of cleaning equipment that will be included in the sale, may be attempting to distract the prospective buyer from more important aspects of the business. It’s beneficial, when taking over a company like this, to get enough equipment–in good working order to conduct the business. But it’s important to remember that most capital assets in this kind of enterprise, with the exception of any vehicles, have a short life span and are easily replaceable.Most commercial grade vacuum cleaners and power washers can be purchased for a few hundred dollars per item. And will be useful for a matter of months, rather than years. And carrying more equipment than is needed may be an indication that the firm has lost accounts and not replaced them with new customers.2. Customer contracts also can be overrated. Written agreements with residential customers, even with commercial clients, may be reassuring to the prospective buyer of a janitorial cleaning business service. But keep in mind that such agreements can be broken or circumvented by customers who change their needs or decide they don’t like the service provider. While it’s a good sign that a company has contracts with its clients, the careful janitorial cleaning business buyer should be doubtful if a seller claims these documents mean that future business is “guaranteed.”3. Customer distribution and loyalty: For some people buying a janitorial cleaning business service it’s appealing to know there’s a major customer contributing a big chunk of the firm’s income and, consequently, reducing the need for a lot of smaller accounts to keep track of and to bill for services. But most experienced business people don’t think it’s a good idea to have all, or even most, of your eggs in one basket. There are a lot of reasons a new owner could lose the major client, including a personal relationship between that customer and the seller–a loyalty that would not be enjoyed by the buyer.When examining the customer list, it also is important to know how long each one has been serviced by the company. A two or three-year history with a retail or commercial client is ideal because it represents a long-standing relationship that’s likely to continue. The buyer is wise to ask a lot of questions about customers with the firm more than eight to ten years. Are principals of that firm ready to retire or move on? What’s the possibility of a management change with someone new in charge wanting to do things differently by using other vendors? And, of course, clients who’ve been with the firm only a few months can pose a risk because they may be among the many companies that constantly try different vendors, searching for the ideal match and the absolutely lowest price.4. Employee longevity: It’s not uncommon for a person with a background in fast foods, now interested in buying a janitorial business service, to make the mistake of discounting the importance of long-term employees. Considerable training is involved in preparing cleaning crewmembers to work quickly, thoroughly and carefully. The seller of a company with high worker turnover may want buyers to believe that competent and reliable employees are easy to find and to train. But it’s not a good sign if at least half of the cleaning staff hasn’t been with the enterprise more than a year.5. Review those receivables: While many janitorial firms are able to get customers in the habit of paying immediately after each service is completed, the buyer may find an interesting acquisition target that receives many payments later, after sending out invoices. That’s particularly the case with a company serving commercial accounts. The critical factor here is to examine the receivables ledgers to make sure most invoices are paid within 30 days of service.If the company for sale is carrying customers any longer, the buyer will notice the receivables total exceeds the monthly revenue figure. And it’s likely that some of those debts are uncollectible. A large receivables sum may not be a problem with some service companies but it should raise the red flag of caution when reviewing a janitorial service for sale.6. Financing available: With purchase money difficult to borrow in the current environment, the entrepreneur interested in buying a janitorial service should be encouraged by an offering that includes seller financing. Not only does this feature make the purchase easier, it demonstrates the seller’s faith in the company’s continued success.A bonus for buyers of either starting a janitorial business or buying a janitorial cleaning business company, or any business opportunity for sale, is pre-approval for an SBA-backed loan to assist in the purchase. Considering that many small business lenders are reluctant to help buyers and sellers complete their transactions, a small or mid-sized business offering that includes a commitment for bank assistance is a particularly appealing opportunity.For an entrepreneur interested in acquiring his or her own enterprise, buying a janitorial business for sale can be a smart move. It’s important, however, to consider these six factors when reviewing potential business opportunities in this industry.Looking to buy a janitorial business? See the entire list of California janitorial service businesses for sale in the marketplace at this time.

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Visit the Main Tourist Attractions and Activities of Thailand

Most tourists spend less in Thailand’s capital city. They find the pollution and traffic extremely wearing so they opted for places that will take them off from the busy streets of Bangkok. Although they don’t miss to visit the Grand Palace Compound, the National Museum and of course the massive Chatuchak weekend market. Here are some of Thailand’s main tourist attractions and activities.The wonderful BeachesThailand’s beaches are among the best in the whole world. From the most expensive and most developed resorts to a budget oriented resorts, all of this you will find in Thailand. Some of the most expensive resorts are in Phuket or Ko Samui while those that offer less expensive accommodation but certainly have the same quality of beaches are in Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Tao and Ko Lanta.KanchanaburiThe town is situated in the banks of River Kwai. Much of the World War II stories happens here and there are still plenty of World War II sights in the town as well as other outdoor activities like trekking, rafting and many more. Available are some appealing raft house accommodation.Trekking AdventuresThey call it “hill-tribe treks” which centers on the ethnic-minority tribes that you walk to. These tribes are linked by tracks so that the hiking is not hard. The hiking usually last two to four days and highlights nights in the villages, ride on elephants and river propelling. Its main trekking centers are the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.Buddhist Temples There are lots of Buddhist temples in Thailand that tourist can visit. One of their most important temple is the temple of the Emerald Buddha where image of a Buddha made of Emerald is kept. Visitors will certainly learn about the national religion of Thailand. Each of these temples has its story to tell.There is still a lot more to see and to do in Thailand that you won’t be able to see all of it in just one vacation. You’ll probably have to come back again and explore all the other stunning places that Thailand has to offer. Other tourist attractions and activities include visits to their National Parks like the Khao Sok National Park, the ruined former capitals of Sukhothai and Ayyutthaya.Experience their famous Thai massage, Visit the small towns of Mae Hong Soon Loop, Sang Khom and Pai. And of course not to miss out the fun and party in the full moon beach party in Ko Pha Ngan. This party certainly attracts a large number of tourists.No one can beat nightlife in Thailand. A lot of entertainment sites are open until dawn for parties. Lots of famous entertainers, DJ’s and high quality musicians perform night after night in their night clubs on most popular places all over the country. Visitors will surely get entertained wherever they are in Thailand.Indeed Thailand has many things to offer to their tourists. So make sure to include Thailand to your list of countries to visit in Asia. Popularly known as “The Land of Smile”, Thailand is becoming one of the leading destination for tourists around the world.

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What Are the Different Types of PBX Phone Systems?

The phone call is still the first mode of contact between a business and a potential customer in many instances. This means that having a reliable, state of the art PBX system is a crucial and vital decision for any organisation. As technology has advanced we have gone from analogue exchanges to digital and virtual systems, it means that choosing your ideal phone system solution is becoming increasingly difficult.What is a PBX Phone System?PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a business. The users of this PBX share a number of outside lines capable of making external phone calls – these phone calls are carried out of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).PBX phone systems used to only be reserved for large enterprises, but over the years the prices in installation and running costs have been reduced significantly; which means any business can now invest in an office phone system.Features of PBX phone systems include; welcome messages, call holding, call conferencing, automatic call distribution, a directory of extension numbers and archiving of call records. There are many other features available depending upon the type of system you invest in and if you require and third party plugins.There are three main types of PBX phone systems• Traditional PBX/Analogue PBXTraditional PBX or analogue phone systems exist as a physical exchange box on your company’s premises. The overall costs of this type of PBX system may seem higher than other systems, but due to scaling and costs calculated per employee the price actually decreases with the number of ports required.Here, a phone box is used that connects all the on-site phone lines (ISDN lines), the costs are usually higher due to installation, down time and maintenance and support. As traditional PBX systems tend to be more complex and bespoke it requires a certified engineer to fix any issues.Many businesses prefer to operate on traditional PBX phone systems with their own in-house overheads. Usually this is in the form of a comms room that is looked after by your IT team, it also gives you full ownership of the hardware unlike in other PBX solutions. For companies operating out of one building, the PBX phone system can be just as beneficial as a virtual system.• Hosted PBXAs telephony has advanced significantly over recent years, the trouble with installing a traditional or analogue PBX system is that it starts losing value as soon as it goes on the wall.Adding new features to PBX systems requires significant engineering in the central PBX on site, this can often mean that if you are fast growing and require urgent applications this could be very timely and cause losses for your organisation. With a Hosted PBX, adding new features is as easy as downloading a new plugin for your web browser.You can still have all of the same benefits of a PBX but your exchange box is located and serviced virtually by the telecoms provider. Hosted PBX phone systems are the best phone systems for small businesses as they do not require an in-house IT team to manage or maintain any hardware.• VoIP/IP PBXAn IP PBX system is what is also known as a VOIP system (Voice over IP) and delivers voice or video over a data connection. It can also interoperate with the traditional PSTN.The IP PBX will convert the voice in to data and transfer it across the network as packets. Using data networks for voice can significantly reduce the cost of long distance, and international phone calls; and considerably reduce the overheads of traditional line rentals.An IP PBX solution is also able to switch calls between VoIP and traditional telephones while still offering the same functionality of your traditional PBX phone system. It is different from a hosted or cloud based solution as the IP PBX is owned by the business, just as with a traditional PBX.It can exist as a hardware or software-only solution.CostsThe cost of a PBX telephone system will depend upon the type of system, the features you require and the number of extensions your business needs. To get an accurate idea of cost for your small business, you will need to contact a telecoms company such as Elite Telecom for a quote.

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